As technology evolves in all areas, the need to be educated and keep up with the latest achievements in the world is increasingly felt. Jewelry and jewelry design, which has been introduced to the world over 80 years ago, is a nascent field in Iran and requires specialized attention and training of activists, buyers, sellers and enthusiasts across the country. Therefore, Gohare parsian Complex, having the most up-to-date educational tools and resources in these fields under the supervision of the leading professors in the country, Specializing in these discipline.
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GoharParsian Complex as the first specialized school and laboratory of jewelery and jewelery design in 2004 with its official activity with the license of technical and professional organization of the country and the National Union of Jewelry with the most experienced professors in Iran with relevant and international documents from institutes, and established prestigious foreign universities with the aim of specialized training and upgrading of the science of gemology in Iran.

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Suite 11,985 Shariati St, Kasra Building,Tehran, Iran
Opening hours: Saturday to Wednesday 9am to 4pm