Now days, due to some people occupations, distance and commuting costs are not able to attend classes or are unable to adjust their time to attendance schedules. Therefore, for convenience of this students, the Complex holds intensive courses that are organized in coordination with the Complex and students.
The number of intensive sessions for the diamond period is at least 10 sessions and for the colored stone period at least 12 sessions, which are held individually. Obviously, these courses are completed in a shorter period of time and only include an integrated internal diploma. It should be noted that advanced courses in gemology do not include this course.
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GoharParsian Complex as the first specialized school and laboratory of jewelery and jewelery design in 2004 with its official activity with the license of technical and professional organization of the country and the National Union of Jewelry with the most experienced professors in Iran with relevant and international documents from institutes, and established prestigious foreign universities with the aim of specialized training and upgrading of the science of gemology in Iran.

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